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2017/08/28 18:36
On April 10, the 11th China Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair and the 7th China International Civil and Military Technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Hi-Tech Fair") opened at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center. Chairman of the Group, Yin Jiaxu, the party secretary, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech on "Deepening the reform and increasing the vitality and expanding the win-win situation" in the military and civilian integration industry development summit forum.
Yin Jiaxu pointed out that adherence to the integration of Chinese and military characteristics of the road of development, adhere to the rich and strong military unity, is a major central strategic decision-making arrangements, but also the current and future period to guide the reform and development of the fundamental principles of weapons industry. In the Ordnance Industry Group, the most fundamental purpose of the integration of military and civilian is through the advance of advanced military technology "army to turn people" to guide and attract the whole society quality resources "people join the army" and so on, to market means bigger and stronger military economy, further Enhance the ability of independent innovation and industrial development, and better meet the national economic development and national defense security needs. At the new stage of development, it is not only the expectations and demands of the party and the state for the weapons industry,
Yin Jiaxu introduced a series of initiatives taken by the Group in recent years to adhere to the achievements of technology-related and market-based integration of military and civilian development and the comprehensive implementation of the Lean Management Strategy of the whole value chain system. Yin Jiaxu stressed that with the rapid development of the new military revolution, the scientific and technological revolution and the industrial revolution, with the deepening of the reform of the national defense science and technology and equipment management system, we must further deepen the reform at a higher level, wider and deeper level. Open and take full advantage of the resources of the whole society, and actively promote the interaction with the population of resources to share, and actively introduce a mixed ownership economy, speed up the integration of military and industrial chain and industrial clusters to build an open science and technology innovation system, the formation of the integration of civil and military development The endogenous power to promote the weapons industry to achieve a higher level of integration of military and civilian development.
Under the organization of the Group Company Management and Management Department, the Group has a number of sub-groups and direct management units to participate in the fair, focusing on the Group's heavy equipment, photoelectric information, fine chemicals and raw materials, strategic resources, energy environmental protection and emergency relief Six areas of products and services. Special off-road vehicles, series of ground no one platform, 57mm digital artificial weather artillery, unmanned aerial vehicle system, high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor and a large number of high-tech products and services at the show wonderful debut, causing widespread concern. April 11, "Chongqing Morning News" special report of the group of artificial weather products.
The "Hi-Tech Fair" was jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Invention Association and Chongqing Municipal People's Government, attracting 57 pavilions and 770 enterprises from 26 countries at home and abroad , 24 universities and research institutes exhibitors, China's most national defense strength of the 11 major military groups all arrived at the scene. Group booth by the China Ordnance Industry Group North Science and Technology Information Institute exhibition. (Li Lan)