Inner Mongolia, a group of companies in the north wind and thunder screw drilling company for the first time in the successful b 【Back to list】

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2017/08/28 18:34
Recently, the China Ordnance Group Inner Mongolia, a group of companies in the wind and wind company in China Petroleum and Natural Gas Group organized by the screw drilling equipment pricing pricing centralized procurement tender, from more than 20 bidding enterprises stand out in the tender of 173, the company 154 successful finalists, of which 22 to the first results of the finalists. North wind and mine company screw drill in the oil in the successful bidder, marking a machine group north wind and mine manufacturing capacity to be recognized in the oil, and all oil in the oil field for sale.
Screw drilling tool is currently the most widely used a downhole power drill, because the screw drilling tool is a high value-added products, profit margins great, as early as 2002, the company trial production of screw drilling products, Drill product updates, technology, but off, the quality of instability, resulting in this product almost out of the market. In 2012, the company according to the needs of the market, began to further improve the development of screw drilling products, through the rational improvement of the screw drill parts of the structural design and process methods to extend the life of wearing parts, thereby extending the life of screw drilling machine; By optimizing the design of motor and other parts of the structure, the use of new materials, new technology to enhance the output power, reduce internal losses, to improve product performance purposes. Optimized design, the current product life by 50%, 20% increase in output power, the average life of up to 180 hours or more.
Oil in this year's screw in the tender for the first time in the form of online bidding to ensure that the tender standards, technology, open and transparent. Companies rely on a good corporate reputation, reliable product quality in the tender to achieve good results.