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2017/08/28 18:32
Northern wind and thunder and the company signed a number of export contracts, the length of the requirements between 13.45-13.715 meters. According to the latest drill pipe standard API (American Petroleum Association general) 5DP specification clearly states: drill pipe length is divided into three: R1 6.10 ~ 7.01 meters, R2 8.84 ~ 9.75 meters, R3 12.19 ~ 13.72 meters. Contract size has reached the maximum standard of 5DP, becoming the longest drill pipe at home and abroad. At present, the drilling market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the northern wind and mine companies know that only focus on the market, the courage to break through, to account for the initiative, get market recognition to ensure that business development. Before the North Windmill company produced the longest length of 12.3 meters, but this contract only drill pipe body up to 12.9 meters, finished more than 13.8 meters, than the original processing of the drill pipe grew 1.5 meters, processing Difficulty can be imagined.
Northern wind and thunder is the Office of Science and Technology of Shanxi Province recognized high-tech enterprises, has been adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, to overcome a variety of technical difficulties. Also in the process of processing the longest drill pipe also encountered the need to overcome the problem. In the welding process, the weld will have a burr, a direct impact on the quality of the subsequent drill pipe. In the past, the company's punching seam was burred with the entire punch from one end and the other end, but the length of the drill pipe was too long to prevent the punch from being removed from the other end. To solve this problem, the company's technical staff Decided to re-make tooling, directly from the punching cut out, both to ensure product quality, to facilitate the operation of workers, but also to solve the overall punch can not be removed from the problem.
As a machine group lean production, fine management, rationalization of the proposed pilot units, the company in the manufacturing process is strictly in accordance with the concept of lean production to implement. Drill pipe processing plant span of 13.4 meters, and the length of the drill pipe finished product is 13.8 meters, because the drill pipe is too long so that some adverse effects: First, the process of moving too much body, affecting the quality of processing and there are security risks ; Second, poor flow of product processes, delay the duration. First of all, in order to solve the problem of tube swing, the company brainstorming, in the bracket platform to install the support wheel and the flow of auxiliary support; followed by too long can not flow in the transmission line, the company also foreseen in each tube center Point to do the hoisting logo, shorten the picking time, improve the lifting rate of a lifting, in the avoidance of dumping wounds hurt at the same time as the down to the process to save time for the completion of the contract on time to provide a strong guarantee.
Northern wind and thunder in the drilling market share of fierce competition in the battle, has gradually gained a firm foothold, will be more quality services, excellent products, new and old customers return.
It is reported that the batch of contracts will be delivered in the hands of users in mid-May.
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