Shanxi Houma Fenglei Pipe Mold Manufacturing Shares Co., Ltd. (formerly subordinated to Shanxi Beifang Fenglei Industrial Group Corporation together with China North Industries Group Corporation), is mainly engaged in production of deep hole machining products. It has accumulated rich deep hole machining experience. Since the beginning of the 1990’s, the company has begun manufacturing pipe mold products by utilizing its deep hole machining technologies. The company has steadily improved its performance and quality of its products, constructed a complete set of perfect production organization and quality management system and successively passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Quality Management System. Its centrifugal machine products include gray iron pipe centrifugal machines, cast steel pipe centrifugal machines, cast copper pipe centrifugal machines, magnesium reduction jar centrifugal machines, stainless steel pipe centrifugal machines, thick-walled seamless pipe centrifugal machines, radiant pipe centrifugal machines, etc. The specifications of its pipe mold products are from 1.5 to 15. A pipe mold product system that small and medium-caliber pipe molds are taken as main products, and gray iron pipe molds, cast copper molds, cast steel pipe molds, furnace pipe cylinders, magnesium jar cylinders and high alloy pipe molds are taken subsidiary products is formed. Meanwhile, the company has cultivated and given rise to a batch of professional technical talent who produces and processes pipe mold products. In 1995, the company became the group member of the Cast Steel Pipe Committee of the Chinese Society for Metals.
The company was founded after the removal and restructuring of pipe mold machining production lines of Shanxi Beifang Fenglei Industrial Group Corporation in February 2003. Currently, it has 35 pieces (sets) of special mechanical equipment such as 2 deep hole boring machines, 1 planer type milling machine, 2 automatic submerged arc welding machines, 1 jig boring machine, 1 14-meter lathe and CNC lathes. The company can machine products with the maximum rotating diameter of 1,300 millimeters and the length of 14,000 millimeters, products with the deep hole of the maximum diameter of 1,100 millimeters, products with the bored hole of 800 millimeters, workpieces with the length of 8,000 millimeters, etc. The company gradually expands its production range to the production of thick-walled seamless steel pipes, cast copper molds, plate rolling shafts, reducer shafts, shafts, sleeves, corrugated rollers, supporting rollers, rollers, etc. from the production of the pipe molds. and can design and manufacture the gray iron pipe centrifugal machines of below 3M, centrifugal pipe casting machines, magnesium reduction jar centrifugal machines, radiant pipe centrifugal machines and thick-walled seamless pipe centrifugal machines. It has heat treatment equipment such as pit furnaces of 12.5*1.8 meters and 7.5*1.8 meters and trolleys of 11.5*3 meters and 7.5*1.8 meters. In the principle of “Credit Supreme, Quality Oriented”, the company will provide you with higher-quality service and sincerely welcome domestic and overseas customers to visit for guidance.